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    Thursday, June 24, 2010 @ 12:35 PM
    Hala Espana :)
    Hola :)

    here is a post dedicated for
    got inspired by their jersey, i decided to try the makeup colours

    not hard to do, really simple yet it looks very dolled up :)
    i used red and yellow, blend well, add some eyeliner, blush,
    some nice pale/natural lip color
    then, ta da :)

    i hope Spain dont let me down :)
    at least get to the Semi's!

    i am gonna keep my eye on
    Toress (9) , he'd better step his game up!
    and David Villa, gotta stop flunking on the damn penalty again!
    all the best ESPANYOL!

    Soy El Apoyo De España ! :)

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    Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 8:24 AM
    A Jist

    Let Love In

    i recently cut my hair!
    not sooo recently, bout a month ago

    after a long break, i have come back to blog.

    its been a while but i am now on my official 3 month break,
    i am done with my A Levels, the results will be out in August,
    i hope and pray hard that i pass well and dont have to re-sit the papers again,
    a-levels is like hell! i dont know how the science subject students do it

    i am currently feeling under the weather,
    must be the weather.

    i've not been having a progressive holiday so far,
    i've made many plans but as usual,
    things will never go according to plans,
    i've learnt to go with the flow and not rely on "my plans" as much.

    i have learnt quite a number of lessons within this half year,
    so far,
    few events has been going on in my life that really opened up my eyes, both in good and bad
    i wonder now whether these events that happened are here to help me with whatever that may come my way in the future,
    i am learning to control some of my bad habits as well as learn that:

    "i am my own saviour"

    there's no one out there that can help you but yourself,
    it does help to have friends and good influences to help out,
    they boost me up,
    but in the end of the day, i found that even with all that help and advice,
    it is i who needs to encourage myself to be a better person,
    to be the better person,
    to think wisely,
    to trust no one but yourself,
    i learn that we live for ourselves in the end of the day

    i have been facing lots of ups and down,
    lots of joy and disappointment,
    lots of talks and arguments,
    tears and smiles.
    all this just made me see how i have to always have a strong mindset and have a thick skin & to be selfish for my sake.

    it may be a good or bad thing, i will never know, but,
    life is a learning process.

    when we fail, we learn and improve ourselves.
    of course it will hurt but, it is already a blessing to be alive, we have to embrace that fact and learn to progress from that.

    self improvement is what i am striving for,
    we are never 100% perfect, there is always room for improvements,
    which means more room for disappointment as well.
    i am also just like you,
    i break down and sometimes i feel like the world would be a better place without my existence, but then again,
    we are put on earth for a reason,
    dont you think so too?

    i hope for a better tomorrow,
    i hope to have the people i love around me to give me strength and the right influence i need,
    i hope i am strong to face whatever the future brings.

    "And I know that it's a wonderful world
    But I can't feel it right now
    Well I thought that I was doing well
    But I just want to cry now
    Well I know that it's a wonderful world"
    - James Morrison

    i find Glee to be quiet a good series.
    using music to teach you a thing or two about life.
    quiet inspirational, and i think we all can learn a lot just by watching this show

    in other context,
    the World Cup fever has been taking the world by storm
    everything is about Football now.

    the World Cup this year has been full of surprises,
    both good and bad.
    we see diff countries showing great improvement and some showing bad play
    there's been a lot of controversy over the ball this year as it doesnt seem to suit the altitude of the African country, causing the ball to be lighter and results to the ball moving faster or going out of control!
    it may be just an excuse, but, i think nevertheless they should still be able to play.

    highest scoring so far is by Portugal who scored 7 against the North Koreans.
    i personally am not impressed by that.
    i think it was very cocky of them to show no mercy.
    the North Koreans have been surprisingly been amazing this World Cup,
    they shouldnt be embarrassed as it is only their 2nd appearance and it just seems ridiculous for Portugal to take advantage of their weak opponent.

    other than that, i think the matches so far has been alright,
    proud to see a Malaysian referee in there :D
    i am rooting for SPAIN this year,
    they've not been having a good run so far.
    lets hope for improvements :D
    Hala Espana~

    Torres has not been delivering,
    i feel that he is still unfit but he should really just give it his all
    it is now or never.

    thats all i shall update about,
    i am ending this post with :

    The Flesh!
    "He's Super Strong, And Super Naked"


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