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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 @ 7:26 AM
    Anne Frank
    How Sonia looks when she's studying
    Hellooo everyone!
    2morrow is Hari Raya...
    Selamat Hari Raya
    to my friends who celebrate...
    (who didnt invite to their Raya open know who you are! LOL)
    Hols been...ok laaa...
    kinda need the holiday to be a bum at home...whine and complain that im bad lol

    align="center">actually also been studyin ok!
    still waiting 2 see when im free 2 go over to Tiff's...since Jes is also there...
    or maybe they'll come to my
    plans plans plans...
    they change like girls change clothes!
    Yesterday i went to KLCC...
    cause my dad and bro wanted to go 2 the bookstore...
    kinda boring thou...
    summore we went kinda late...
    but wasnt bad for the eyes cause so many hot tourist maaaan!
    We went to coffee bean then...
    i saw one HOT guy...looks like a damn freaking model...
    and he wears glasses and still manages to look hot!
    but of course he had an equally Hot girl with

    but i tell you...the girl with him...could not stop lookin at herself in the mirror and kept on applyin layers and layers of makeup!
    everytime i look at her...she applies her makeup...and that went on for like half an hour... kiddin!
    her bag is like a makeup store lol
    and the poor ol HOT model-looking guy was like talking
    trying to talk to her but she still kept busy with her makeup...
    i mean...its nothing wrong with that..just that...she couldnt stop lol!
    i did manage to get a pic of the guy...
    but only his back

    eh im not a stalker k
    i just needed to blog bout them and adding it with a picture gives u're imagination a wider span!

    He's in the white sleeveless tee.

    Then..i got bored!

    Check out the blue's maaan!
    dont they look so....niceeee!
    i love the colour blue...probably that why i love staring at the sky...
    my nails are now that pastel blue..
    and my toe nails...
    electric blue..pastel blue..electric blue...pastel blue...

    Ok then...
    went to Mid Valley...
    cause my mum wanted to go to Borders lol!
    so yeaaa...
    not many hot guys thou....
    oni one or two...

    I did buy a book..
    The Diary Of A Young Girl,
    Anne Frank.

    Its non-fiction and its pure european history.
    i came to know bout this book from the movie..
    Freedom Writers
    its a great movie...
    but mind you the movie isnt bout the book lol
    I suggest you watch the movie to see why its amazing..and its a true story
    but its quite old the movie...few years back...
    actress:Hilary Swank
    i watched it on ppl with astro...try to catch it
    But more on the book now...
    Its more of a diary...
    Anne Frank's diary
    ok im gonna type out what it says on the back of the book.

    Anne Frank's extraordinary diary,written in the Amstredam attic where she and her family hid from the Nazis for 2 years, has become a world classic and a timeless testament to the human spirit.
    Here she is first and foremost a teenage girl- stubbornly honest,touchingly vulnerable, in love with life.
    She imparts her deeply secret world of soul-searching and hungering for affection,rebellious clashes with her mother,romance and newly discovered sexuality and wry,candid observations of her companies.
    Facing hunger,fear of dicovery and death, and the petty frustrations of such confided quarters, Anne writes witn adult wisdom and views beyond her years.

    Basically....its bout Anne and her family hiding away from the Nazis..cause those days Jews werent liked...
    in the movie Freedom Writers as well...
    its amazing cause a woman from the story actually come in and tells em bout her life in Anne's diary...
    you gotta watch it srsly den you'll understand.

    ok den...
    gonna end this post with more camwhoring momento!

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    @ 6:25 AM
    The devil..and that damn perky camwhore-er!
    This is a picture story...
    About a devil...who hated that damn perky girl who loves to camwhore!
    So....The Devil attempts to change that damn perky camwhore-er..into her partner in crime...
    but it doesnt quite goes her way...
    "The Devil"

    "That Damn Perky Camwhore-er"

    Here goes...

    "Hey devil person...come cam whore with me...
    Cmon...come....come..come on "
    *indian accent*

    "ARGH! No you damn perky camwhore-er! Why cant u stop!!"

    "'re so grumpy....oh well...screw you i'll camwhore myself then! woohoo!"

    "Thats the last straw!! You annoying piece of work!"

    create avatar

    "ARGH! How do i make her...'one of us' ?! what is keepin my powers from gettin her??!"

    "Ahah! Must be that damn colourful-spinin-lookin-thingy!

    I'll take it away and transform her!"

    create avatar

    " like...the hottest cute lil devil..hehe!"

    "Hey whats this??!"

    looks like the devil's are gone...

    *THE END*
    haha i noeee...kinda lame..but make my blog a lil less boring rite!
    Ok now we syok sendiri!

    create avatar


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    Saturday, September 27, 2008 @ 6:44 AM
    Youtube videos!

    youtube spam!

    ok this by

    This Providence

    My Beautiful Rescue...

    i've fallen in love with this song for a long time cause its so sweet...and it sounds great...
    and now i've fallen more in love with it cause of the music video...
    its so sweet!
    watch till the end and you'll know what i mean

    M.I.A-Paper Planes
    this song is awesome!
    with the sound effects!
    video not bad too!

    The Veronicas-Untouched
    love the song!


    Flyleaf-All Around Me

    Henry Ford

    Bloopers for our Henry Ford video

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    Friday, September 26, 2008 @ 9:50 AM
    Hanson and The Jonas Brothers

    i really loved that band a long time ago
    they were so...cute with their long locks and catchy tunes...

    it seems like just yesterday Hanson was makin my feet tap along to their hits...
    and now when i see their pics...
    they look so...grown up...i mean...
    yea of course...but i didnt realize how fast time is flying....
    one day they're cute boys makin girls drool over em...
    and now they're family men...

    and now that im drooling over the new heart throbs..

    The Jonas Brothers

    they always remind me of Hanson...
    it makes me wonder if there would be another young girl loving them now...
    and 10 years later a new brother band appears and she'll be comparing em to
    The Jonas Brothers...

    Things like this makes me realize that time is never still and it waits for no one...

    Age catches up to us without us knowing because of this modern day lifestyle of ours...
    we're too busy to stop and just take a breather...

    sounds super chessy...
    to me...
    the little things can mean so much..

    like a simple picture of 3 brothers i loved...
    and a new aged group of 3 brothers appear...

    only difference is...
    The Jonas Brother dress better
    hell yea!

    but i think both Bro groups produce awesome hits and they're HOT!

    i wonder if ...
    The Jonas Brothers are gonna end up like Hanson...
    will there be another band of 3 brothers...?

    its just a wonder...
    i still love The Jo Bro's!

    Joe Jonas!

    i do hope they last long cause they look committed to their music and they have the heart for music

    It'll be awesome if...
    Hanson and The Jonas Brothers collaborated for a bro band unity
    just one song.
    it'll be made history



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    @ 8:30 AM
    Get out of this place while we still have..oh oh!
    Half of Farah's hand and half of mine!
    hello everyone!
    so trials is over!
    but now...just waiting for the results...
    i need 2 get good marks maaaaan!
    and now...on a one week holiday...
    Hari Raya....
    but basically gonna be...kinda...studyin holiday
    Jes is stayin over at Tiff's...
    so hopefully i can visit lol!
    do some vids for
    now pic spam!
    the other i was like...takin pics as usuall...
    but i cant help but ignore the fact that my left eye is...smaller when i squint...
    looks weird haha!
    im so observant man!

    Pics from the other..
    Tiff came over...
    we studies...
    did vids...
    and will be posted up soon!

    after spending hours on the books...
    we...release a lil stress off and took crazy pics!
    yes...i rock!


    why must the exams be so stressful!?


    Thats actually my headband...of a devil's horn!

    Found my furby toy!
    coloured its hair..
    mixed blue and pink...
    not bad eh..
    furby lookin urban emo maan!

    Big eyes!

    we went for makan then at night after tution lol!

    next pics is from the other other other other...and other...other day...(i think)!
    when i went to Tiff's hse!
    Jes was there toooo!~

    Toast Womaaaaan!

    'You're toasted'

    TifF and Jes...
    crashed in my house yo!
    but wait....
    they totally came for....
    the kittens
    wat about me

    do you guys know...
    i play the piano!
    yes indeed i do
    im oni a noob!
    i can oni play like a few notes!
    but takin pics look gaya sikit laaaa!

    my piano!

    Not bad!

    My mum drew Henna for me!
    design....ok oni lol
    but not bad...
    cause the henna was kinda flowing fast so...became thick but i like it
    my mum's not bad at it too


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