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    Friday, July 25, 2008 @ 8:45 AM
    poetry,,,my mystery
    been ages since i wrote poems
    i usually write songs and stuff but recently had no mood...
    but mood came back
    the other in sick
    decided to write a poem..
    it doesnt rhyme well...but..hey..nobody's perfect!
    this poem...
    kinda wrote it for my feeling towards the lil crush i have on...

    Tiff and Neeru helped

    here goes:

    The Mystery J
    J is so shy,
    J is not mine,
    J oh...why.
    J you make me sigh.

    J is in my eyes,
    J is on my mind,
    J is everywhere,
    J! Dont be scared!

    Sonia likes J,
    J doesnt know Sonia,
    Sonia wants to know J,
    J doesnt know what to do,
    Sonia bows to J,
    J smiles at Sonia.

    Sonia sees him during recess,
    J just sits there,
    Sonia likes to stare,
    J just glance.

    J,after all that rhyme,
    Dont you think its time,
    Im not Fenn,but that is why,
    Im more,sesuai !~

    i know i know..lame sikit
    Here's once that Tiff wrote for me!
    so sweet of her..~
    her's its better lol!
    My Point Of View
    From what I see,
    It is meant to be,
    As she was forgetting him,
    Everything was dimmed,
    But there he goes again,
    Like as if they were chained,
    There he goes making her nervous,
    Its already like they were lovers,
    They always look at each other,
    as their eyes met together,
    There is this chemistry,
    As she counts to thress,
    Everything seems unclear to her,
    Everything seems like a dream to her,
    She sees him,she wants him,
    She thinks of him,she needs him,
    He is all she wants,
    He is all she needs.
    *THE END*
    i wrote the poem cause...
    its what im feeling,
    but...i know that mystery J...dun really seem...interested...
    i kinda expected it...
    who wouldnt...
    Sonia has never had a relationship before..ever
    i poured my feelings out to feel better...
    but i dun really see any good with me and him since...
    he likes another girl..
    oh well..
    you win some,you lose some.
    Long time havent heard this song:

    The beat of my heart by:
    Hilary Duff

    i wrote a poem for my school mag...
    will post next week with my so-called-school post

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    @ 7:07 AM
    another lame post
    My cutie baby Monkey
    yes my cat's name is monkey cause..
    it looks like a monkey and is super cheeky like a monkey!
    i tell you my cat is like owner like cat...
    loves to take pics...
    he kept meow-ing asking me to take pics...
    when i wanna keep my phone the meow-ing starts!
    gosh i love my cats...and doggies!
    animals are

    The latest additions..
    no names yet...
    still thinking!~
    look like twin kitties!

    me here
    ntg better to do!

    bought this dress from MNG few weeks ago..
    i syok sendiri..
    so dun mind me~

    This week...
    not much to update about...
    normal week...
    This sunday goin to subang parade's Eden for librarian high-tea.
    theme: TWINS
    so bringing Vanna as my twin since she has no other twin
    next week...
    mtv asia week..
    goin genting with/without tix..
    gonna stalk panic at the disco lol!
    24 aug
    at subang parade
    Choir competition
    SMK USJ 13 student..
    come support us k k~
    other than that....
    not much la...
    i wanted to do a post bout school...
    but i lent christine my thumbdrive which has the pics i needed to do the post..
    so probably doing it next week
    for now..
    ending my post
    ntg much to blog bout...
    doing a new post bout petry
    till the next time


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    Saturday, July 19, 2008 @ 10:11 AM
    Got this from a guy called GabxGabc(in my link)
    meet him at youtube..his videos are friggin awesome!
    especially this one:


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    @ 9:02 AM
    Wicked hairstyles!
    check out these hairstyles man..its totally 'WILD'
    got it from my email
    damn cun!


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    @ 8:48 AM
    split screen sadness



    *really addicted to this song.

    i think the one thats playing now is the accoustic
    download and listen!~

    And I don't know where you went when you left me but
    It says here in the water you must be gone by now
    I can tell some how
    One hand on the trigger of the telephone
    Wondering when the call comes
    You say it's all right
    You got your heart right

    Maybe I'll sleep inside my coat and
    Wait on your porch til' you come back home
    Oh, right
    I can't find a flight

    We share the sadness
    The split screen sadness

    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight

    All you need is love, is a lie cause
    We had love but we still said goodbye
    Now we're tired, battered fighters

    And it stings when it's nobody's fault
    Cause there's nothin' to blame at the drop of your name
    It's only the air you took and the breath you left

    Maybe I'll sleep inside my coat and
    Wait on your porch 'til you come back home
    Oh, right
    I can't find a flight
    So I'll check the weather wherever you are
    Cause I wanna know if you can see the stars tonight
    It might be my only right

    We share the sadness
    The split screen sadness
    We share the sadness
    Split screen sadness

    I called
    I just
    Need to feel you on the line
    Don't hang up this time
    And I know it was me who called it over but
    I still wish you'd fought me 'til your dying day
    Don't let me get away

    Cause I can't wait to figure out what's wrong with me
    So I can say that this is the way that I used to be
    There's no substitute for time
    Or for the sadness
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    The split screen sadness
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    We share the sadness
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    The split screen sadness
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Oh and the sadness it's a ride, it's a ride
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Oh and the sadness it's a ride, it's a ride
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Oh and the sadness it's a ride, it's a ride
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Oh and the sadness it's a ride, it's a ride
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight

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    @ 8:27 AM
    spacing out
    *Tiff did this bookmark for me...
    haha i really think its cuteeeee!
    Thanks TIFFY!~
    she's really talented at doin handcraft stuff...or either...
    she has too much darn time on her!

    2day is like any other..saturdays...
    but nice weather...
    did some studying...then the weather made me feel so comfy that i fell asleep
    actually 2day planned to go for interact's IU skool...
    cause me and Tiff thought Jeswena was goin...but she wasnt so we...didint go...
    sorry guys!
    Jes ended up goin to Tiff's hse instead...

    but its such a sad day too...
    my mum...
    dont let me go for...
    PANIC AT THE DISCO's concert!
    I KNOW!
    she says cause its SPM year not honeymoon year...cause its on a freaking Tuesday...cause the tix is expensive...(it isnt really...only RM68!)
    you know i love their music and RYAN ROSS!!!!!!
    i cried till i looked like i had some allergic reaction...
    eyes puffy..nose eyes
    that'll be better...!

    oh and haha...
    my mum bought me a new high heel (i paid half lol)...haha
    cause she hates to see me wearing shoes....
    she wants me 2 learn how to walk...
    i actually noe how 2 walk with heels...
    just comfy!
    srsly rite!
    my mum's like this wan
    she marah2 but after that...ok..i think she feels guilty...
    oh well...
    i know i sound happy even after i know i cant watch PANIC AT THE DISCO
    but....what to do....
    thats why i need 2 study hard and show my mum that i am a 'something'...
    then i go overseas..
    then can watch PANIC AT THE DISCO anytime!
    i hate you.i really do.why must you exist.

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    Friday, July 18, 2008 @ 11:49 AM
    A post just for my fringe!

    i decided to comb down my fringe...and damn...its so loooong edi...!



    thats meeeeeeeeeeeeee!~

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    @ 11:34 AM
    Miley Cyrus-7 things

    Miley Cyrus- 7 things

    her latest music video...

    i actually quite like this song and the video...only...

    i think they shouldn't have used such young girls in the video...

    girls that young shouldnt be crying hard for a guy...

    its kinda sending out the wrong my opinion...

    but...i still like it!~


    so watched it edi...

    here's another one but someone made a spoof of it..

    haha its really funny...

    for all u guys...
    watch and understand...

    for all u girls...
    lets laugh and nod our heads!

    Miley Cyrus - 7 Things - Spoof

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    @ 9:58 AM
    more picture spam!


    Do you believe in heaven now?

    tat day..i tell u!
    been ages since i've seen the sky so...perfect...!
    i love perfect blue,puffy clouds day!~

    Ok this weeeeeek....
    busy giler man...
    homework piling up...brain confussion....bla bla bla man...
    and to top it off...
    annoyance from....
    dun wanna mention names...cause trouble oni...
    im proud of myself for finshing a:
    300-500 word essay on smoking for english...
    but i dun think i did well lol..
    i had no semangat to do man...i had the
    'writer's block'
    but i manged to pull through and do..
    discipline u noe!
    (also thnks 2 john mayer's lovely music)
    so we already finally...roughly got our parts down singing a malay song...quite nice....quite famous actually..
    we'll be performing at SUBANG PARADE this month...
    and wat else...
    oh ya...
    bought the
    Wii nitendo game thingy...
    its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun..
    and love my dad for getting me gutar hero....
    super addictive...
    but i can only play 3 buttons sadly...noob ma!
    wat else...
    oh u do noe by now im dying 2 attend the MTV ASIA AWRDS... was givin tix 4 the mosh pit... and tiff tried...
    guess wat...
    Tiff got through..
    Tiff:YAY! how old are u?
    Tiff:17 only 18 and above...
    =.=' so freaking pissed...
    this is unexceptable!
    and plus..Panic At The Disco tix on slae...
    but i cant book cause my mum dun let me go!
    so gonna:
    *fingers crossed*
    what else...
    oh bout the lil minor crush i have...
    i tried getting over him...
    cause he seem to like another deeply...
    so i was like...
    might as well not watse my time and energy...
    cant stop thinkin bout him...
    i dont love him...i just like ok!
    im missing my cousin Julia...
    i hate sms-ing her...its not as fun as hanging with her...
    thank god i have a great cousin and great fun friends..
    Tiff came over to play my Wii and guitar hero..
    thats all i can say...
    we also went to Neeru's hse..
    once again..
    k im done now...
    oh and wondering why i have loads of pics?
    cause im only allowed on9 on fri and sat...
    so all compiled lol!~
    k den tats all

    *photography with Farah and Tiff by phone last week!~

    *went to Sunway to watch HELL BOY 2 with Tiff and my bro's friends...!
    damn nice!~

    MY Wii!~

    *the controller is CUTE!

    *guitar hero...!

    Tiff says the bird reminds her of..
    kinda !

    was at 1 Utama the other saw these 'kanye west' shades...
    got em for Tiff,Kristin and Hui Yee!~

    *cam whored with all 4 colours!


    * pink...Hui Yee's



    Tiff at my hse!


    *guitar hero baybeeeeeeee!~

    *on the way to Neeru's hse..
    no hankee pankee allowed at the park ya'll!~

    * i miss basketball...been so busy no time 4 basketball!~

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