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oh darling i wish you were here
west coast friendship

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I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

I ♥ Owl City =)


  • Pass my A-Levels
  • I created a list before, but it seems I did most of it, so, my new list? just basically gonna make more up as I go on in life and accomplish it so long as it makes me happy!
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  • *my family
  • *my friends
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  • *talking and laughing and crying
  • *having a"creative itch"
  • *bein weird/silly/funny/cute/emo/rock-ish
  • *anything thats shiny..glitter are a fav
  • *popping bubble wrap

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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 8:54 AM
    Blackbirds Singing In The Dead Of Night
    " i him
    i how he makes me feel
    i his laugh/smile
    i his arms around me
    i the fact that he is mine "

    Things have been calm/hectic
    its been a roller coaster week
    good.. woohoo.... bad.... sigh...good....woohoooo...bad... fcuk

    loads of things has been on my mind,
    i tend to think a lot when my mind is free
    thank god i have people i ♥ to talk to bout it.

    its time to buckle up and start setting my mind on
    "study mode"
    my exams are really so near that i can feel my hands start to cramp!
    im starting to stress out and im worried as hell!
    oh gawd!!

    after the exams... it will be...


    ok my hommies?
    :D :D :D

    kitty mama is comin back to college
    im so happy/excited
    she has been M.I.A for quite sometime and now i'll feel less lonely in class

    i wonder how my friends are.
    i want the exams to be over a.s.a.p so that i can spend more time with them
    im gonna visit each and everyone of you in your colleges maaan!

    dear, dudettes!
    ( Tiffy, Jes, Neeru, Hui Yee )
    we must have an outing soon k

    last sat, i went for Jes's sis (Jillian) bday
    it was nice, loved the cake and her dress.

    before the party, me and Tiff were being productive:

    Babe i ♥ your Goofy Goober arse to bits!

    We know how to fake a stoned look :)

    the blonde and brunette

    i have big eyes too!

    Tiffy's shoot :)

    Sonia's shoot

    that is about it

    other than that...
    a news was going on in college bout one of a 1st year law degree student passing away
    she was 20 years old,
    8 months pregnant and married.
    i dont know the details,
    just that her baby's umbilical cord got wrapped around its neck and died,
    and she was bleeding a lot.
    i dont personally know her, but i've seen her around.
    i felt so upset cause it seemed so unexpected
    she was so young.

    even with all these advanced medicine/research...
    stuff like these are still bound to happen.
    its really upsetting.

    may she rest in peace and be well and happy.

    a beautiful song by

    OWL CITY ♥ -
    Vanilla Twilight

    and the video is just superb :)

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