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I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

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  • Pass my A-Levels
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    Friday, September 25, 2009 @ 9:41 AM
    Taken With Neeru's phone


    Went for a jog with Neeru the other day, yeaaaa
    we actually got up at 7am...
    ok ok fine....
    we went at 8AM but we still jogged

    im really into these old mini coopers
    i think they look so adorable
    and i want one pls :)

    especially this one
    it has an awesome interior
    and flooring

    Tiff's place:

    went over to do some studying

    hurm didnt know pringles had pink coloured chips

    she just sneezed, i need the protection

    i didnt ask Tiff to do my H/W

    i didnt ask Tiffy to make me a sandwich!

    "Your Kiss Is Like Poison"


    showing off her Sims home and family
    damn, she got a hot SON in there

    the neighbourhood she lives at

    she created a SIM for me
    thats suppose to be a slim version of me

    my room YO!


    they re-did the floor

    Johan passing baaaalls

    my bro

    Got a call from Neeru
    she and Jane were in the neighbourhood
    they picked me up
    and we went to Neeru's place
    Jane drove, first time in a car driven by Jane!!

    yes! she actually looked the damn car at a housing are
    best thing is, she forgot o lock it when she was a pyramid the other day

    also, while at pyramid,
    she scratched her brand new car while parking.

    Neeru tried selling that dress to her
    and so she tried it on
    they bragained

    and in the end, Neeru gave it as a bday present for Jane



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    Wednesday, September 23, 2009 @ 7:03 AM
    Kuantan Day Trip

    went to Kuantan for a day trip with my family

    had a nice time
    loved the beach
    saw all the kite boarding and damn, cant wait to start training again soon

    photography by moi:

    On The Way

    we also stopped by this temple, i think it was at Terrenganu

    its in the book of recoreds for its main atraction,

    we enter through its back(butt) and come out from its mouth
    and at the end we have to rub this big crystal ball and make a wish


    i hope mine comes true.

    sky was blue

    my folks

    the chinese zodiac signs


    The Beach

    Spot the crab?

    Kite Boarding


    thats all

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