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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 @ 7:47 AM
    There Is Something I See In You

    " I Put My Faith In You, So Much Faith, And Then You Just Threw It Away. "

    Hi ppl!
    so ya...
    im already 2 days into my college orientation...

    its not bad but most of the activities are based on character building and are almost alike to the activities i did in PLKN

    actually most of the activities were like the ones i did at PLKN
    there are nice people there

    but i wont know for sure who im gonna be with in class till next week cause in this orientation we're all mixed up from a level student to degree students.. etc

    i did make 2 friends within the 2 days lol

    This one girl from Seremban named

    i hope i spelt it right lol
    she's pretty cool
    we hv a lot in common and we click quite fast

    and today anew foreign student from Turkey came
    her name is Rose

    she's been living in Msia for like 6years and gonna do her Degree in Business

    she looks kinda like Neeru's sis...
    pics of em:

    my lecturer is pretty cool too...

    he's so funny and tells us awesome stories and jokes.

    well below a pic of me...waiting for KTM
    for the first time ever im taking the train by myself..
    scary but satiated that i did it

    made me feel independent =)

    ok ok
    enough of college lol

    im currently in love with this band:

    There For Tomorrow

    their song is pretty wicked!
    Jes says the lead singer looks like

    Gerard Way
    from MCR...

    check out their myspace

    and plus their drummer is sooooo


    i love him


    My life would be complete .
    Thank You
    him playin the virtual drum thang
    oh and
    Michael Castro's voice melts me up amn
    plus he's pretty cute too but not as cute as CHRIS hehe

    and this is pretty cool

    i was searching for some top bands in myspace and check it out


    a local band..
    was listed in it as well
    kudos guys =)

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    Friday, March 27, 2009 @ 9:32 AM
    Traci Hines

    loving her voice a lot and her hair

    she rawks <3


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    @ 6:08 AM
    rainbow veins
    aint that sweet
    i can watch this MV over and over again and not get bored
    hi ppl!
    ok so today went to my college register and get my text books...
    tried using the LRT....and boy was it i dont mind cause...its good for me...and my independece state lol
    here's my text books...and if u think its little..this is bout a quarter of em...i hv more comin soon
    and they are heavy man!

    This monday will be orientation for 3 days 10am till 5pm
    i hv no class on monday!
    and the rest of the week...occupied
    since i know my schedule gonna scout for part time job soon
    ok so yesterday...
    went to Sunway with Neeru and met up with Tiffy..cause she just finished college
    it was a fun outing
    i miss going out with them
    we watched
    Confessions of A Shopoholic
    it was soooo FARNY!!
    it was good srsly
    then here's a really funny story
    when at sunway
    we were goin down the escalator...
    then behind us was this hot american boy!!
    yes i couldnt stop smiling and i looked like a freak lol
    so then he went his seperate way
    then me tiff and neer were walking pass aunty anne's
    and he was there!!
    this time with a bunch of ppl
    few girls and one more blonde hot dude!
    they were so drool worthy
    so i was like OMG!
    then i told Tiff i wanted to buy something from aunty anne's then she was like
    'ohh i know why'
    so we lined up behind the hot boy
    and he turned and just glimpsed at me and tiff an neeru
    at that point i know i look like shit
    then i bought the chocolate eclair thingy
    but didnt wanna eat infront of the guys
    and at that time Tiff was taking pics...when actually she's secretly taking pics of the guys for me hehe
    she'll post in her blog soon
    so when the guys left
    i was like telling Tiff
    'Omg my face like shit ah'
    then i took the eclair and ate and the freaking eclair dropped on my face!
    and tiff was laughing cause literally my face was like shit
    the guys were not there
    we had a good laugh man
    thats bout it
    will update more soon
    pics from my room weeee~

    i watched
    The Notebook
    again last night
    and cried
    love that movie
    great movie!


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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009 @ 9:21 AM
    My name is Sanuye

    I am now known as


    not official though
    i just like the name

    Thanks to Villi
    he says its similar to my name
    the sound of it
    its a red indian word
    but sounds korean lol
    its totally better than
    Chief Lame Bull
    or that other baboon word Villi wanted me to have pft!
    here's what it means:

    Red Clouds At Sundown
    which is actually nice and sounds calming


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    @ 5:45 AM

    love my new hair!
    i did it for RM 100
    free haircut and temporary straightening
    did it at Summit and i love the way the guy did my hair!
    he's the bomb
    going back to him soon to add more colour
    i had a pic of what i wanted and showed him and it looks quite alike...
    but now i realize... my new hair looks like

    Cassadee's from Hey Monday

    Cassadee from Hey Monday Pictures, Images and Photos

    Hey Monday Pictures, Images and Photos

    im kinda into this band no
    their songs rock and very catchy
    known this band since last year but now their getting more known
    their song
    How You Love Me Now
    is playin on my ipod 24/7
    lyrics are what im going through withs someone...
    i did a cover gonna post up in my youtube soon =)
    their video where my hair kinda look's like Cassadee's but her's is more blonde and her hair's shorter
    Homecoming-Hey Monday

    tell me what you think

    my new webcam


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    @ 5:21 AM
    we love to snap
    yesterday got to meet Farah for photohunting!
    gosh i miss her
    so lobg been waiting to meet up with her...
    we went to digital mall...
    and snappe loads of pics cause it was freaking empty
    we did some catching up
    and gosh cant wait for our next photohunting
    here's some pics <3

    her photography:

    next post...
    my hair!!


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    Monday, March 23, 2009 @ 9:55 AM
    Disney Princess on Ice
    i love these pics
    i did loads of this...
    compiled em to make a
    its totally not as good as other picdeo's but im learning
    so please view and comment

    i love my webcam
    more pics from it soon =P
    and yes....when i took those pics..i just woke up..
    thanks to Tiff *ahem*! lol

    good evening people of the world

    gonna update bout
    disney princess on ice yesterday

    it was...
    it was quite magical i must say
    the colours,the costumes,the lighting,the backdrop...
    it was all nice

    only flaw was the size of the ice rink

    but other than that the skaters were really graceful and filled with so many good expressions

    thanks aunty Loh for the tix =)
    pics from the skating show..

    got loads but too many laaa so here's a few:
    3 AMIGOS
    Ian, Aunty Loh aka Tiffy's mum and Tiffy
    us...from behind...being stalked by a paparazi!!!
    no no its only Ian...Tiff's cousin

    in this pic lets play a game

    in the arena:

    i love these pics

    check out the crowd yo:

    Taken by Tiff's cousin, Ian.
    nice one =)

    its Ariel from Little Mermaid

    beauty and the beast:

    Sleeping Beauty:

    Tinker Bell (my fav):


    The finale
    there were some fireworks and tinker bell's in that ball thingy


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