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I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

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    Saturday, February 23, 2008 @ 5:33 AM
    nine in the afternoon!~
    cant seem to get Panic!At The Disco's new song out of my heads...its not leaving the brain and i hope it never will...i love!~

    the other i had 2 stay back at skool 2 take some pics with the other AJK Librarian's
    (yes,im a geeky librarian).

    well...we were like planning on taking our pic at the school's rooftop....then when we reached up on the roof top...we were like...
    'man...pengawas edi taken their photo's here...'

    so we ended up climbimg into an area where there's was SMK USJ 13 sign..

    man....i hated climbimg in u see how high we were..(can spot me?)

    ahhhhh!im afraid of heights summore..but then the worst happened.....perfect timing...Pn Choong came out 2 her car...all of us quickly ducked was so funny i tell u....but she noticed that there was some movement....then she saw a probabate up thr

    (he was helping us snap the pics)....

    when we saw that the coast was clear all of us jumped out like mad idiots....but Pn Choong caught the probate and agve him 10 we kinda felt guilty cause oni he kena...cause Pn Choong..she didnt realize there was like a whole bunch of librarian up thr lol!...

    so we ended up in trouble thou...i guess..i hope!

    lol...but that was like an xperience i wont was so hilarious i think we were stuck there for like 10-20 minutes just tryin 2 hide from bein seen...haha....~!

    Anyways,decided 2 bring my phone 2 skool...brought it 2 show manda some pics....did some snapping on that!~

    *i took out my thumbdrive and absorbed all of Tiff's brain cell's lol!~

    *did this for yes i had to copy from a mag 4!~

    *Kristin: wat did u say bout me!?YAK SI AH LEH!

    * just woke up lol!~

    *Kristin...lookin bored...hehe...YA MAAN!

    * counsellor,my kept hiding her face from my!~

    *doodled during!~

    *me and Farah..was at usj20 padang...camwhoring lol!~

    Farah was free 2day so i asked her to teman me 2 the padang to take some'pose 2 call Julia...but i dont think she's

    nways....i created a Deviant art account..

    pop over to see wat i snap snap snap..

    here's a taste of it:

    P.S:my pics aint that photograpic..but...u judge 4 urself!~

    *love her shirt..says thr..'LITTLE MISS GIGGLES'

    Thats all....and the other pics i syok sendiri cam!~

    * i realize why ppl keep saying i look like i wear im not wearing any at the time this pic was taken lol!~

    *i love butterflies~
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    Friday, February 22, 2008 @ 6:33 AM
    American Idol!~
    I tell u this season 7 of American Idol....
    all the contestants are super duper talented!
    especially the guys...they hv the package...
    the voice,the look,the personality..and the SMILE!

    my personal fav....hehe...

    He's a Hispanic Filipino with dark brown hair and hazel eyes who was born on December 28, 1990 in Miami, Florida, USA. Critics and fans alike call him a singing prodigy due to his early development and talent in singing. He has a growing fan base due to his numerous appearances on television talent shows like American Idol and Star Search. David sings Pop, R&B and Soul music.

    Danny Norriega

    He's pretty cool one's manda's wan lol...she says she love gay guys and that Danny looks like the Super Junior member

    but at some views...Danny looks like Manda,especially the lips and facial

    Other than tat...i love all i said..they're all hot!



    back to my life..sigh...*dreaming of David*!

    well....class photos and club photos started lol..hopefully i look exams starting in less than 2 weeks...damn scary!!!!~

    i wanna pass so badly 2 build my confidence level ya noe...i just cant keep failing...its not right...somethin im doin must be wrong...but wat!!??

    sigh...this afternoon went for basketball....dunno after how many weeks edi...sigh...i just love goin 2 the court...can release tensions and i just love to daze of and dream and stuff...i love the tranquility!~lol

    *after basketball

    got more to blog bout...but American Idol missed the 6pm gonna watch now...update soon....weee!~


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    Saturday, February 16, 2008 @ 12:18 AM


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    Friday, February 15, 2008 @ 7:17 AM

    Happy Belated Valentines Day..

    i'd like to THANK SUEEN!!!

    she gave me a rose for VDAY which is so super nice of her...

    can u believe she bought for nearly all of us...

    that is so thoughtful...

    im so grateful!


    i'll be getting her some gifts too..

    i think if im not wrong her bday is comin up..


    Suuen is like a super cute and nice saint man!

    ohhh...and 2day's STAR paper front page...

    a guy propose to hid gf with a big billboard..(see the pic)

    thats so sweet right!

    Billboards aint cheap man..i think it was RM 40,000 and the ring was RM4000

    something like that..awww..!



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    @ 4:59 AM
    back and rolling
    well i retired from blogging for like almost 2 weeks cause been away for CNY and been busy lol..
    guess wat...
    heard my skool's 1st term exam is starting on the 1st week of March...*silence*....i am so super scared...i really need 2 do well but these days i just cant concentrate on wat im doin..argh..!
    i dunno wat to do..!!im so stressed now..EMO man EMO!
    Anyways...bout my CNY....this year was actually better compared 2 last year..but lesser ang pow's..cause not many family members came down....damn
    my cousin Julia tagged along this year...FINALLY...after 7 years..she finally came back...most of our time in Butterworth was spent outside lol..we hang out at the malls
    didnt realize i spent most of my money on the damn arcades...AH...damn DAYTONA!...and oh...!bumper cars...i suck at that lol...well enough of all the typing...i'll pic spam now lol!


    *on the way to PENANG

    *ish..poser lol!

    *aint that cooL!

    *Tiff says tis pic makes me look slim..hehe..TQ!

    *ah!we just love to cramp ourselves into cras lol!


    *its their pleasure...

    *the best ice

    *cousinsssss(leonard n boysen)!

    *bro(logan),aunt(grace),n cousin(julia)!

    *me n boysen..aint his name unique!

    *saw this at a mall at Butterworth..thats the guy who does the ad 4 the SONY camera..kesian

    *lol...saw an empty n stranded trolley at a

    *made this with the McD ice cream wrapper


    *me and my cousin Vincent..we love to pose..!

    *my cousin Julia took this...she's damn gud in photography!

    *SNAP..i took this lol!


    i noe u guys L.O.V.E hello wanted 2 share this with u lol!

    *i look like..budak kecik here!
    *hehe..was bored so camwhored la

    *she's like the older sister i nv had!

    *haha..we had so much fun!~

    *gurney walk

    *eh eh JULIA..act

    *Boysen bein cute!~such a rascal lol!

    *Vincent...macho pulak!

    *this was fun!

    *cool eh!~


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