cause the spaces
between my fingers
are right where yours fit perfectly ♥

oh darling i wish you were here
west coast friendship

♥ you live, you learn. (: Account
Soni-ARGH! Says Hi.

Loves music...heals the soul
Hates drama's,
Is a Goofy Goober LOL
Loves living in her daydreams
Talks to herself
Random-RIFIC most of the time

♥ And the journey continues :
I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

I ♥ Owl City =)


  • Pass my A-Levels
  • I created a list before, but it seems I did most of it, so, my new list? just basically gonna make more up as I go on in life and accomplish it so long as it makes me happy!
    My Loves

  • *my family
  • *my friends
  • *music/photography/singing/ dancing
  • *talking and laughing and crying
  • *having a"creative itch"
  • *bein weird/silly/funny/cute/emo/rock-ish
  • *anything thats shiny..glitter are a fav
  • *popping bubble wrap

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    Sunday, October 18, 2009 @ 10:03 AM
    Hung out with them on Sunway's rooftop
    i like it there, the view is really awesome

    been spending half the time running around chasing Vincent, who kept making me laugh by the way he ran
    then we just chilled and talked
    miss them like hella alot :)

    then me and Vincent went to Tiff's place,
    we parked right outside her house with a perfect view of her room
    (Yes Tiff, we were spying on you :P)

    Sonia: Ok, i'll call her now
    *calls two times*

    Sonia: Ala, she's not answering, i think she asleep already

    Vincent: Let me try
    *calls Tiffany*

    Vincent: EH! She reject my call


    then we went to eat, and now, here i am

    sounds boring, but i had an awesome night

    pics from when i wanted to blog but had no mood so now im doin part of it

    the sky was beautiful the other day
    i have a "thing" for the sky

    the other also,
    went to Parade
    checked out W3

    saw this cute dress

    its like a perfect fit
    its sooo cute
    but damn, pricey
    hopefully it'll be on sale

    Sonia Likey Sale

    Tiff tried on that cute purple dress
    we looked hella cute man

    other updates...
    hurm, well tomorrow will be having more driving lessons,
    probably gonna me an unplanned/uncertain day

    Chatting with Chaaady now,
    and he never fails to cheer me up, i know, this is random, but heck, i wish i can meet him.
    Listening to Paramore's songs from their new album
    (Brand New Eyes)
    loving all of them

    Playing God
    Misguided Ghost
    The Only Exception

    There is this new artist

    Justin Bieber
    he's only 15, but
    his voice, not bad
    his music isnt bad at all, but, i dont really feel it cause its a 15 year old singing
    but as i listen more and more,
    im feelin' it yo


    A movie i've been addicted to is

    Nick and Norah's Infinate Playlist

    i know it was released bout a year back?
    but, i think its pretty cool, funny too

    another song you guys should check out is:

    Treat Me Like Your Mother

    The Dead Weather

    im addicted to this song

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    Saturday, October 17, 2009 @ 9:44 AM
    Mehendi Mania
    Hey everyone

    been like forever since i updated

    well, start with Deepavali
    nothing much going on,
    this year doesnt seem like i hv the Deepavali mood, since i hv exams in the same month.

    the other day went to do Mehendi with Tiff
    then my mum did for me :)


    my mum did that

    a 13 year old girl did that for me,
    and it was RM10

    I then got carried away:

    thats my new shirt i wore to the temple LOL
    my mum didnt wanna get me any traditional outfit,
    i only wear it once and this year not really celebrating,
    so no use.

    more on the Mehendi

    Tiff's one looks good too
    wonder when she gonna update

    loads been going on

    Law papers done

    next Business and English Lit

    i've not much to update ATM
    cause im quite blank,
    i just lost my inspiration to blog, so soon when i do hv more to update bout,
    then i'll blog

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    Sunday, October 4, 2009 @ 7:16 AM
    Drama's Please Go Away
    taken by Tiff-ay!
    more to come, editting takes time :)
    so does perfection

    "Oh, You Are Not Useless, We Are Just Misguided Ghosts, Travelling Endlessly, The Ones We Trusted The Most, Pushed Us Far Away." - PARAMORE

    Hey ppl. yes i've been hving lacks of updates lately,
    been busy, or lazy to do so.

    i hv a business trial exam tomorrow, and, im not prepared.
    my AS exam is next week.
    i feel like killing myself.
    im not ready at all, i need more time,
    but then again, isnt that what everyone desires?

    i hv the mood to upload pics from yesterday night's outing with my fav monkeys i call,

    thats what happens when you bring Julia out,
    after she plays hours of Sims,
    even Tiff can look normal.

    Trying to show the

    yes, he was showing off his biceps

    she got jealous, and looks away

    while i whore my cam up

    some pics from Vincent's new phone!

    and again, the effects of staying at home for so long with only your Sims characters as your company

    Sonia: damn, its the Tanglong Festival, i wanted to play with a tanglong.
    Vincent: eh! Ku Chye (my aunt Grace) having a small tanglong festival party at the apartment!

    Sonia: issssh didnt tell earlier! LETS GO!!

    so then we went to the Digital Mall apartment
    love the park at the....
    hurmm.....cant remember what floor, but its really high up so it gets windy
    its just so nice and quite

    it felt so good hanging with them after so long,
    and damn all the issues, i hope its settled and nv repeat itself.
    im sick of the drama's
    my mind can never be at peace, at it really affects me.
    nobody knows it but me.

    okay, pics time:

    proud to call them my family

    i know, obscene a bit XD

    Julia: Where's my TANGLONG!!
    Vincent: GRRRRRRR!!!

    Julia: OH! here's my TANGLONG!!
    Vincent: *POUT*

    Im cool :)

    Sometimes, we just need a little bit of Faith


    happy mooncake festival :)

    damn, we look like little kids

    EY! my Ku Chye's one looks better!
    plus, its battery operated!
    grrr and its Hello Kitty

    Her friends

    We Are Family,
    who loves to pout to make Julia annoyed :p

    an empty road, gave me an idea.

    Sonia: Vincent can i drive back home!!
    Julia: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Vincent: YA can!

    in your face Julia ;p
    but my driving wasnt bad at all!
    Julia even says so
    ok then, thats bout it

    had a nice time with you guys
    thanks maaaan, you dont know how much that outing meant to me.

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