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I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

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    Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 9:10 AM
    where have all the good times gone
    i woke up this morning in hopes of playin tennis.
    but when i went downstairs.

    i saw my nice fish tank cracked into half.
    all the fish was out.

    but were alive, thank god.

    i ran upstairs and got everyone up.
    we cleaned the mess, and only 2 fish died.
    the mother and father.
    no joke.

    i think the heat and pressure caused the crack.

    oh and my cat,Snowball, has 3 kittens.
    but one died.
    when i got back, i found it dead.
    i think my cat unintentionally sat on it, and it suffocated 

    Tiff came over, took some pics.
    we went to Summit to accompany Jes to get her hair done.

    i intro-ed em to the stylist who did my hair, Eugene.
    he's hilarious.


    waiting for my bro..

    i took over the wheel.
    Tiff looks afraid

    im driving!

    Tiff took over :)

    ok ok, so neither of us have a license, we were just posing.
    but soon, we shall be able to drive.
    soon i tell you!

    the real driver LMAO

    more picssss :

    as usual

    Tiff and Jes started fighting.
    they started hitting and slapping each other.

    Pft, kids these days.

    we're at the saloon hehe

    Jes getting all excited LOL

    Eugene gets ready.
    she got so scared when he put on his gloves on.
    like a surgery prep lol


    after 2 and more HOURS!

    here's new Jes


    she looks more mature and pretty :D

    ooh check this stylist out.
    his silver hair suited him well man!

    he caught me taking a pic of him LOL


    Eugene took a break lol
    he's one busy man.

    he's so in demand man.

    ok so.
    me and Tiff didnt intend on getting anything done with our hair.

    but, we got, EXTENSIONS!


    just lil ones, with colour.
    we got a discount if we bought in a group.
    who can resist.

    Me and Jes got the same colour, red.
    and Tiff got pink.

    we went to Sunway to catch a movie,
    Night At The Museum 

    it was HILARIOUS!!!!!

    i had tears of laughter MAN 
    ben stiller is awesome!

    and i loved the Dark Vader part

    more pics:

    spot my extensions?

    ok thats bout it.
    2morrow, hopefully, i can play tennis.
    i love that sport, eventhough i suck badly in it

    i just like hitting the ball, and the sound it makes LOL

    Tiff's semester break ending soon :(
    and mine starts.


    oh well, its life
    we'll still find time to hang out :D

    with Jes too and Jane and everyone :)

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    Friday, May 29, 2009 @ 7:19 AM
    More Than A Love Song
    aint that an awesome straw.
    i got it from Coffee Bean.

    there'a a mini cup in between the straw where the drink gets caught.
    it is sooo cool.
    i paid RM6 for that.

    went to Sunway Pyramid with Tiff,Jes and Jane.

    but we went to Asia Cafe first to get Jes, bumped into Jane there so she tagged along.
    we hung out.
    did crazy stuff.

    oh and at Pyramid,
    TRANSFORMERS was alive!!

    the poor guy in the costume was having a hard time walking.
    he was literally losing balance and needed support.

    But Bumble Bee was way ahead of him, walking like a pro.

    He became EMOOOOO
    complained to his human friend

    we then went to get some food, well actually, Me.
    Jes got Tea..
    we went to a Yogurt shop.

    suppose to be Korea's best yogurt shop?
    err, i didnt like it.
    i paid nearly RM10 for, basically, little strawberry's, choco chips and a yougurt.
    it tasted good, but, the portions was a rip off 

    and we cam whoreeeed

    Maybe playing Tennis with my mum 2morrow morning.

    might even follow Jes to get her hair done with Tiff

    everyday is another unplanned day 
    and i like it.

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    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @ 9:27 AM
    KevJumba-Girls Are Like M&M's


    he loves to get at his dad LOL
    and i laughed so hard when he told his that he knocked up a black girl! 


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    @ 8:16 AM
    Im A Random-er
    i baked a cake today.
    chocolate with coconut shavings...with colouring 

    yeap, it tasted fine.

    sorry bout the delay in updates, i've just got nothing to update bout.

    my holidays are about to start.
    for 2 weeks.
    im trying to get a job, or either start my car licence.
    i really wanna do something productive 
    and not be lazy.

    i need to stay active.
    i wanna sew a dress. hopefully i know how to LOL

    when i start my Hols, Tiffany starts Coll...

    nevermind, im going to see her in college hopefully, 
    spend a day with her ^^

    so how's everyone?
    let me know at my cbox :)

    here's a pic of Derrick during Malaysian Studies.
    he was asleep, indeed.

    i still have my Msian Studies exam after the hols and im gonna have to join the June intake for Business Studies.
    Thank God Kitty is with me.

    Some pics of me and Tiffy at AC the other.
    she bought that dress from Forever 21
    looks good on her

    im guessing since my holidays are coming, i can update more, 
    but yea, we'll see.
    im trying to use the internet less and maybe limit myself cause i really need to start focusing on other things.
     besides ruining my eyesight.

    im also very hooked on Facebook's quizzes.
    im quite active there nowadays.

    i guess im done here

    will update randomly again soon.

    P.S: Neopets is also getting me hooked on the net! XD

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    Saturday, May 23, 2009 @ 8:18 PM
    oh ah~
    Hello humans!

    ok so, Tiff's Bday was awesome!

    we went for karaoke and did some other stuff.
    had a great lunch an an awesome sleep over.

    we just had tons of fun!

    here's some pics:



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