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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 @ 10:51 PM
    skipped skool
    i woke up late...
    i had a feeling Tiff didnt go too...
    and waddya u noe...
    she was home sick..
    anyways here's some pics from the IU the other day..
    it was ok la...
    but i was hoping 4 better..
    and that day was just one confusing day as well...
    i just hope everyone's on good terms..
    i just hope she's not mad at me.

    These are the eggs from camp...
    we had 2 take care of em..
    the 'man' egg is mine and the 'amy-winehouse' egg is umi'!~


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    Saturday, April 26, 2008 @ 7:54 AM
    yea back from camp
    actually 2day;s quite predictable at camp....
    like all the activities...
    but i hv 2 a sucker 4 camps...
    i dunno...i just feel like its pretty fun at times...
    but 2morrow im not goin...
    sure gonna kena marah...
    plus...i heard U4's IU is still on....
    but...they're not allowed 2 hv outsider bands...
    kesian adam...and khairul..and they're bands!(they we're looking was i!)
    i cant believe their headmistress can jusr cancel the band outta the blues...
    if u4 headmistress so strict i wonder what'll happen to my school's IU....
    here we are forming clubs and tryin 2 bring out our leadership and cooperrative sides butt ppl like these ningcumpoops have to spoil it!
    i hate this issue.
    i totally noe how u4 comittee are fealing....happened 2 me last year.
    the feeling sucks...
    wat to do....
    these are arkaik ppl
    *ARKAIK*-ketinggalan zaman.
    wtv it still goin..
    wanna go see Jes...n some of my old friends...!~


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    Friday, April 25, 2008 @ 7:49 AM
    Feast of Love

    ok this movie.
    so gooood that i had to do a post bout it.
    its called Feast of Love.
    Tiff lend me the dvd and damn.
    it was so....romantic.
    ok...although got some...ok no...ALOT of ahem scenes...the story was just so nice and i had tears..yes..tears rolling down.

    here's the synopsis.
    srsly if u ever have a chance to watch this.
    watch la
    not for the ahem scenes but for the love of LOVE~

    From venerable Academy Award winning director Robert Benton ("Kramer Vs. Kramer") comes a kaleidoscopic ode to life and love in all its funny, sad, sexy, crazy, heartbreaking and life sustaining facets in: FEAST OF LOVE.

    In a coffee shop in a tight-knit Oregon community a local professor and writer Harry Stevenson (Morgan Freeman) witnesses love whipping up mischief among the town's residents.

    Among young and old, among both parents and lovers, among the sweet and the savage, among humans and even animals, Harry watches in awe as love mystifies, wounds, devastates, inspires, makes unreasonable demands and profoundly shapes the lives of everyone around him -- including himself.

    From the die-hard romantic coffee shop owner Bradley (Greg Kinnear) who has a serial habit of looking for love in all the wrong places, including with his current wife Kathyrn (Selma Blair); to the edgy real estate agent Diana (Radha Mitchell) who is caught up in an affair with a married man (Billy Burke) with whom she shares an ineffable connection; to the beautiful young newcomer Chloe (Alexa Davalos) who defies fate in romancing the troubled Oscar (Toby Hemingway); to Harry himself, whose adoring wife (Jane Alexander) is looking to break through his wall of grief after the wrenching loss of a loved one . . .

    All of these strands intertwine into one epic love story in which no one can escape being bent, befuddled, delighted and ultimately redeemed by love's inescapable spell.

    the trailer!~


    oh and plus.
    there's a hot actor in there.

    Tiff's in LOVE with him.

    i've got a pic of him.

    and's some info 4 u!~

    Toby Hemingway (born May 28, 1983) is a British actor. He is known for his role as Reid Garwin in the movie The Covenant.

    Hemingway was born in Brighton, England and moved to Ojai, California when he was thirteen with his author mother, Annamaria Hemingway.

    He earned an associates degree in Fine Arts at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City after graduating high school in 2001 from Laurel Springs School, which provides homeschooling and online education. He lives in Los Angeles.

    His most recent appearance was in Feast of Love, which was released in September 2007. Currently his role to star in York Shackleton's "Street" is in final negotiations.

    Year Title Role
    2008 Street Eric (latest)!
    2007 Feast of Love Oscar
    2006 The Covenant Reid Garwin
    2005, 1 episode Bones Tucker Pattison
    2005, 1 episode Summerland Jason Warner
    2004 Indio, USA Ricky


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    @ 5:31 AM
    life goes on!~
    Hello everyone..or perhaps anyone who reads my blog.
    i feel like no one reads this.
    oh well.
    if u're reading this,leave a tag 4 me laaaa~
    ok so as u can see i posted pics of myself(how "unusual")

    my cutie kitten!~

    ok so...
    this week.
    not bad la...

    but i wanna complain bout my stupid CAMP on sat..
    which isnt even a camp btw cause we have to go home after the camp and come back on sunday..(usj4 IUday!)

    icant even play any of the games cause we(the pemimpin muda AJK) are organizing it.
    but it was the teacher's plan ok!

    PS:im a librarian if ya'll didnt noe.

    im goin 2morrow but skipping sun.
    puh-leze,ush 4's IU sounds so much more FUN!~
    hope i can go.

    been really lazy week again...not much happen in skool
    ppl nowadays hardly come 4 skool....soon i'll be like dat.
    nearing to SPM i'd rather study with my freinds than in skool with all the noise and annoying distractions.

    but thats like still considered still a long time.
    oh well...

    well other than that..
    i joined my school's Choir.
    im like a freaking 'soprano'
    means im in the high range group.
    i never knew.
    i though i was in the lower range.

    im tryin to involve myself into as many things i can in skool,just to enjoy my last year since i've been getting only bad impression 2wards high school.

    i really HATE skool.
    but i never hated it last time.
    but eversince probs after probs started pouring in all i wanted to do was to get high school over and done with.

    "i really feel betrayed by my past"

    and everytime i use the word
    'best friend'
    on a close friend they seem to just astray from me.
    i think im jinxed with that word.
    so i dont use that term anymore.
    its just a word.

    ok lets break the tension.

    wow i feel like my whole life can be made into a freaking reality show.
    move over 'The Hills' and 'Newport Harbour'!

    back to reality

    candid by Tiff in tution

    yes i do.

    tiff and me.

    she aint my best friend.
    she my good friend.
    Tiff u noe what i mean!~
    the other night i had trouble sleeping caus ei had someting on my mind.
    i called Tiff up.
    and started making like empty convo's cause i wanted to tell her wats on my mind but i didnt wanna annoy her cause i've been complaining bout it to her and everyone in skool.
    suddenly,she's like.
    'Ok whats on u're mind'
    and i was like.
    'dude u noe me too well.'
    its little things like that thet'll make me feel thouced ya noe.
    Tiff and i.
    what a history we have.
    man we've been friends since primary skool.
    we were close.
    then we fought.
    close again.
    then fight again.
    close den fight again.
    but now.
    i feel like all the fighting was just stupid and i've realized and seen tat she's like the best listener and advisor maaan!~
    srsly i noe im annoying her with all my emo-ness but she's still wiling to listen.
    u're awesome Tiff.
    and no more fighting.
    i'll never wanna ruin what we hv.
    same goes to all my friends out there.
    Julia(my cousin),Kristin,Neeru,Hui Yee,Jess...
    dun disappoint me oso laaaa k!~
    they're the only reason i see high school in a brighter way.
    and more la..
    (u noe who u are)

    look Troy.


    me and Tiff bored.
    so we conteng!

    k guess i'll stop now.
    i hv to sleep early 2day.
    cause i've gotta wake up damn early 2 go to skool 2morrow.
    stupid pemimpin muda camp!

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    Saturday, April 19, 2008 @ 8:17 AM
    skin changed!~

    done changing

    looks really sweet the colour.

    but next week i might change the skin again.

    cause i found another cute one.

    i guess i'll change it next week oni la.

    now malas edi.

    k den nitez everyone~


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    @ 5:54 AM
    just another post
    ok while im browsing for a new skin i'd thought of blogging first.
    im changing my skin....these happy pills dun seem to

    and to the anonymous cbox spammer...
    i hope you'll stop..ya noe...spamming here cause..dun u think its a waste of u're do you get outta doin this...i dont think i've done anything to u...and i really dun need this right hope u understand and
    give some thought to that.

    2day....went out a while with my mom and bro..
    came home and studied...
    hehe rajin riteee!~
    did my art folio....Tiff called me and caaakap bout arts folio...(so ngam she called the right time.)
    den she called again and i heard music....
    and i was like....

    'Dude we're listening to the same song!'

    haha we're both in looooooove with the same song by

    My American Heart-The Shake (awful feeling)

    love the beat,love the lyrics.
    lead singer's voice is so awesome,plus he looks hot!~


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    Friday, April 18, 2008 @ 7:53 AM
    AWAKE.a must watch movie!~

    it made me cry.
    very emotional.
    vary touching.
    very real.


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    @ 5:22 AM
    i've got a pocket full of sunshine
    villi's phone strap
    in tution.
    so cool!~

    hello again everyone.
    another weekend here..
    ok first of...
    as u can see in my cbox...lifeless ppl came 2 be judgemental...
    i dun even noe them...
    they're like some virus...
    started at Tiff's blog..and leaked out to everyone's blog...
    n FYI i didnt start anythin with them neither did Tiff...
    like i said..lifeless..!~
    oh use to it..i've gone through worst than these comments...
    it kinda made me laugh 2 read their comments..
    its just so..childish..
    sayin my hair's like an auntie..sayin its oily(when its actually shiny)
    jealous is it
    saying u wanna puke.
    just dun do it on my very very cute locks!~
    funny ppl!~
    u're just looking like a fool cause there's no more probs and u still wanna try 2 cause probs?
    so this week...
    hehe...missed 2 days of skool..
    reason...woke up late..
    just that skool nowadays like ntg goin on i'd rather stay home and finish up my skool work.
    but skool's fun nowadays...kinda...still akward..but fun.
    alwyas crack me up
    i do too..with my lame jokes.
    they gave me a new middle name
    sonia Lame soon
    (cbox spammers,go ahead and make fun =p)
    actually i kinda gave myself a middle name..
    everytime they'd say
    i'll say...
    'thats my middle name!~'
    im such a goofball!~
    i love my friends!~
    have a few pics this week..
    mostly new but!~

    my cute emo bunny!~




    hoodie buddies

    in tution!~

    ok so...
    exams comin closer.
    im very very stressed out
    cause i really wanna do well!
    doesnt everbody
    i can do it
    just that i always can nv concentrate.
    too much on my mind!~

    yes this is how my table looks like.
    clutter here there everywhr!

    2day was the 1st day of Jumprope practice.
    kinda fun
    made Kristin's jaw drop when i did a cross-jumprope.
    ya maaaan!~
    me and hui yee tried getting rid of Kristin's rope-o-phobia.
    i think we did.
    did we Krsitin?

    she looks so cute!~


    shiny floor.

    i <3>
    but some ppl just like 2 be in the background lol
    *looks at kristin and hui yee*

    other than that thats all i guess.
    btw lookin 4ward to usj4 iu day.
    hope i can go!~


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    Saturday, April 12, 2008 @ 8:35 AM
    i love my wild hair!
    i tied my hair in braids yesterday night and slept with it.
    when i woke up untied everything.
    and damn.
    i looked good.
    my hair turned out like Ashlee Simpson's hair in the 'boyfriend' video.
    i like my hair in this style
    since its short and look so...blah.
    this style spice it up
    and i feel like a rocker!
    so 2day i got carried away and applied some makeup and started camwhoring.
    got some makeup in my left eye tats why its re btw.
    im such a clutz.
    here's wat i got..

    i combined 4 pics in here:

    so now to my life..
    well not much been goin on..
    oni the friends drama...
    its gotten worst...
    sue anne brought some of her friends into Tiff's blog and they like now wanna fight with each other..
    i dunno if its still on...
    all i noe is..
    i think Tiff's friends still wanna have confrontation with Sue anne's friends...
    getting complicated...
    wtv it is...
    all i gotta say is...
    this wouldnt have gotten big cause we all we're patching things up with manda edi...
    suddenly this comes along.
    it'll end soon...
    only gotta wait as time goes by.

    today went to Summit at night 2 see my brother perform his streetball thingy with Johan and some other ballers but we were late so missed it.
    summit celebrating some 10 years anniversary thingy so they were having a concert and all.
    boring la
    i think my bro and his friends would've been the only entertaining thing..
    and a group of girls dancing
    bought a com game jsut now.
    its really cool.
    got like loads of games in one cd
    mostly bout building,creating stuff.
    something like sim city.
    i hate maxis broadband.
    the connection sucks la
    my msn cant sign in oso
    k la i've not much to blog bout.
    wanna play my game
    oh and exams comin soon...
    so quick eh!?
    oh well.


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    @ 12:32 AM
    hello kitty
    Kristin and Manda
    a post for you!~

    yesterday i went to subang parade.
    they were having a car convention goin on.
    something like PIMP MY RIDE
    they did pimpin' up for malaysian cars.
    but wtv not really into cars.
    only if its like cun or takes my breathe away then i can stare at at 24/7.
    nways,they pimped up 2 cars with Hello Kitty..
    yes,all you Hello Kitty freaks,
    This is the car for u.

    bottom car is a Kancil.

    i have to admit
    i <3 the rims.

    bottom is a kenari if im not mistaken

    looks plain
    but inside srsly niceee!~

    this is the lock thingy on every door.
    its a mini hello kitty u noe

    so cute!~

    check it out
    even the seats have hello kitty

    i love the back.
    check out the <3

    the seatbelt thingy.

    seat cover!~

    thats all!~


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