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I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

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    Sunday, January 27, 2008 @ 11:19 PM
    a teen's life

    i hv alot to update bout..

    but sadly cant do it now...cause i hv tution in a few perhaps i'll update bout wat happened at quicksilver and skool soon...

    but i just wanted 2 on9 2 post this thing i found in a book..its so..meaningful..n nice...its sorta like a poem..

    here goes...

    Its never easy

    the hassles and disappointments and delays

    the hopes and fears and dreams and nightmares

    alwyas pulled back

    never ahead of anything


    friends that only judge you

    people that only use you

    embarrasment and foolisshness

    being akward and misunderstood

    becoming something,anything

    grasping at a figment of who you want to be

    losing prospects and gaining insight

    things that come and go in a fraction of a second

    it all goes so fast and so slow at the same time

    it's never easy

    but who said it would be?

    *adapted by 'Chicken Soup for the Teenage soul:the real deal"

    you can find this book in the library..of SMK USJ
    isnt tat nice...
    i also hv another by Tiff,but later i'll post..tution la..ahhhh!~ here's some pics btw lol


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    Friday, January 25, 2008 @ 5:59 AM
    a reincarnation of life
    *in tution Farah ntg better 2!

    as u can see my skin changed n i hv a
    aiya but not i do did it..


    i told her now i'll try it myself since she has everythin in there i can see how she did
    see i can learn new things
    and Tiff did another drawing for me..THNKS!~

    she did a drawing for me the other day cause she knows im so emo since the begining of she really cheered me up by puttin her time n effort in doin the drawin thing for alot 2 me Tiff..thnks..

    i pulak..super nice oso..i balas balik the art she did..i did one for her cause she was emo she did one 4 me yester5day again n gave it 2 me'll take pics of it soon..n i told her i'll reply another one 2 we wanna see by end of the year how many we manage to do..

    crazy ppl with so much time on their hands!
    art students!lol

    ok 2day in skool was the probates interview for librarians n mua was one of the judge..i tell u was super funny with Hong Zhang n Xin Chieh..they were the best actors 4 scaring juniors....i heard a form 1 girl cried..aiyak!

    but srsly 2day was so so funny!
    i ciao-ed at bout 2pm cause my mum wanna bring me go shoppin at the new mall at Bukit Tinggi..i love that mall for shoppin..bought a baby doll dress that im so adoring!and other stuff really am happy with my new...beautiful....FEDORA HAT!

    ahhh!~ i was craving that for so long...and i found it..and it was only RM29.90!lol...
    i bet Kristin must be like...NOOOOOO!~ lol
    now u noe why i love Bukit

    2morrow will be goin 2 Sunway for the Quicksilver concert...Farah sold me the tix...will be goin with Tiff n her bf..maybe Jessweena's goin..i love that chcik..i can be all whoopsy daisy with her...maybe hui yee's goin not sure..we'll see hu we bump into 2morrow...

    Tiff says wanna watch the thai horror movie... 0_0"
    i hate horror flix la!
    maybe i'll convince her 2 watch sumthin
    im curious bout horror flix 2...

    oh and my got updated by you-know-who..
    its just so weird tat she's been observing me...ahh..!
    i cant believe she's still so mad at me..wat i did 2 her must be really bad...
    well its both ways..
    wat she did 2 me was equally worse but im civilised so i noe how 2 live in the future...

    she has such a great life now..and she cant live tat without makin enemies??
    i envy her
    in my earlier post i said i cant stand the annoying sounds and glares..somethin like dat...
    she claims im talkin bout her..
    i've put all that probs behind me sue anne..why shud i talk bout u....
    i've learnt my lesson...

    argh!Tiff..i need another drawing lol..!
    see Tiff..i told u it'll never end..even when i try 2 lead a better life..someone will never stop.

    k ending here..
    i guess that sue anne might see my post again..
    cause of her other eyes hu see..then report 2 boss..
    n then she's gonna update in
    lol..i didnt noe she took so much interest in my life...
    this is just never gonna end..even after i try 2 end it...

    dear time,

    pass by faster la!


    k now..
    wanna try 2 change my layout..
    not that i dun like this wan..i love it..
    but my com is movin fats now so i can load stuff faster..
    n i can

    thnks again Tiff..n thnks kristin 4 bein 2nd in my cbox!
    EDITED::sue anne replied at my it then u noe..she says she misses my F1&F2 old self..
    all i gotta say is..
    i think i became better than that old self..
    and im proud of it...
    hope it remains..

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    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 @ 8:25 AM
    The Return of the EX-BLOGGER

    Hi everyone,
    its me Sonia
    the ex blogger,
    Jeng Jeng Jeng!~

    n yes i finally hv the time to create a new blog..
    hopefully it wont get hacked again..haiz!
    it looks kinda plain now...but im gonna learn how to change the skins hopefully by myself..
    Tiff said she'll teach me..
    finally someone can teach me lol...

    if u got any helpful tips 4 me just let me noe..i could use it..
    im damn noob in this stuff..srsly..
    i use blogspot 4 keepin my brain active..n creative lol...

    ok since i havent blogged in a super long time i've just got loads to say..
    but malas 2 write soon
    if some of u were wondering what happened 2 my old blog...
    well..its just got hacked by someone who really hates me..thats all i gotta say...

    anyways... how's life 4 me?
    hurm..kinda both ways la..
    i hv my good days and bad days but i just keep reminding myself that its my last year so i hv to grind my teeth n try 2 get through it..
    even if it means suffering all the annoying fake sounds or the glaring stares...aiks!~


    *me and Tiff got so bored in class..we spared our creativity!

    im just super happy...noe why!!
    i heard Panic!At The Disco's new album might be droppin in on the 25th of March!
    yes!finally!ahhh i cant wait...!

    Oh and 2day Tiff joined Praktik tution partner 2 kacau lol..


    *me and Tiff


    *Tiff bein emo..good photography eh!

    the Praktik wat??!!

    in my tution i oso met my old shool mate Farah..

    oh how i missed her..

    she lives so near 2 my hse n yet i nv communicate with her..
    thank god i met up with her again..she's so sweet n fun...n funny lol..
    but dun make her pissed ya'll..

    u'll get scared of her granpa lol...
    dun ask why...

    ok bout skool...
    well i heard my headmistress gonna change..yay.!
    but wait..heard its oni next year...swt!
    damn it..oh well...

    other than tat..i kinda like all the teachers except my science teacher...eee!

    im sitting next to Neerusha..

    kinda weird cause we kinda like were enemies last could u blame me..i was young n stupid..

    n i now noe tat i used to be

    well people change...

    some of my friends notice it..n im glad...
    2nd chances are meant for a reason n i aint gonna screw it up...

    Nerusha is in the counselling if i ber-emo..i'll be like pouring my emo-ness 2

    kesian her oni..
    wth am i doin la...

    Tiff n Kristin sits behind n they're like the super funny ppl i tell Kristin just loves to eat man..*grumble*..

    ok la

    i'll stop here
    will be editing everythin soon..not 2day late edi...YAWN!~

    dont 4get to link me!~

    *cant wait 4 CNY..go back Penag..lepak with my cousin's..go to the beach..
    oh SYOK!


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