cause the spaces
between my fingers
are right where yours fit perfectly ♥

oh darling i wish you were here
west coast friendship

♥ you live, you learn. (: Account
Soni-ARGH! Says Hi.

Loves music...heals the soul
Hates drama's,
Is a Goofy Goober LOL
Loves living in her daydreams
Talks to herself
Random-RIFIC most of the time

♥ And the journey continues :
I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

I ♥ Owl City =)


  • Pass my A-Levels
  • I created a list before, but it seems I did most of it, so, my new list? just basically gonna make more up as I go on in life and accomplish it so long as it makes me happy!
    My Loves

  • *my family
  • *my friends
  • *music/photography/singing/ dancing
  • *talking and laughing and crying
  • *having a"creative itch"
  • *bein weird/silly/funny/cute/emo/rock-ish
  • *anything thats shiny..glitter are a fav
  • *popping bubble wrap

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    Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 11:00 AM
    In Repair
    Picture Of The Day

    went to asia cafe for dinner with my cousins..
    had a nice time



    "The Commercial Smile"

    "Pout baby,Pout"

    "We MAD,We Real Mad"

    ok i dunno what this is
    i guess i look like a perv,
    Julia cant stop pouting (show off :P)
    Vincent,well...he's just happy

    she cant stop with the pouting man


    he's sad now :(
    we make him drive us everywhere

    more like Julia makes him drive everywhere LOL

    at mi casa:

    Hey! Tiff,
    Julia says:
    "I Love You"


    at college:

    Kitty did that LOL
    i heart her

    Joleen :)
    she wasnt feeling well

    she has the cutest laugh

    Kitty,meow :)
    she's the BOMB

    and lastly
    someone has a new phone

    yes tiffany got herself a new phone
    a nice one too
    she mms-ed me this pic:

    as soon as she got it
    its sooo niceeee :)

    ok then,thats all....
    just wanted to put up some pics

    2morrow might be heading to Sunway,then some photography with Julia and Vincent and Tiff then maybe...FUTSAl woot woot!

    wanted to go for :
    SMK USJ13's carnival held tomorrow

    but recently there's been 2 suspected H1N1 cases
    so its postponed....

    this plague epidemic is bad
    and im scared.


    I cant believe you left without a goodbye,
    all that you said,i believed it,
    the tears were nothing more but lies.

    You dont know how much you've hurt me,
    i trusted you.
    even getting an explanation would've been better,

    YOU are such a coward.

    but whatever,


    im in repair


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    Tuesday, July 28, 2009 @ 11:02 AM
    Summer Sensation 2009
    Today Tiff came to the park and i brought my camera.
    Needed to relax so i did some photography

    its based on 'Summer'
    i know we in Malaysia get Summer weather nearly everyday, but, i 'feel' the Summer vibe, so, yea, its a summer photography LOL

    most pictures were not editted thats why it looks so f***ed up
    and most were for fun :)

    oh and from all days,today, the kite seller was absent, and so were a few children who flew kites :(

    oh well.
    happy summer '09

    We call him 'Potential'

    "I Love This Game"

    "Its A Lifestyle"

    hurm, i've not played in a while

    damn, i wish i looked like my shadow more,
    tall and slim

    Photography by Tiffany:

    I Love To....



    "Blooming Is A Reincarnation"

    Nature :)

    "Through These Dark Times, I'll Smile To Get Me By"
    (it helps if you have extra white teeth too :D)


    "I Wanna Make Love With This Pole,With This Pole,With This Pole...ohhh~"

    Sonia:DUDEE That Looks So Wrong!

    Tiff: ohhh eheh OOPS!

    "Monkey See,Monkey Do"

    "The Earth's Heart"

    Its Kite Season!

    She didnt wanna get over shadowed by the Kites LOL

    "Barricaded From Freedom"

    SUMMER, 2009

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