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oh darling i wish you were here
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I started this blog when I was in high school. I shall keep it alive for me to see how much I have grown as an individual and to show me that when everything seems to fall apart, it just means its an opportunity to be stronger. Now, I am officially a law graduate with opportunities waiting for me, I shall give it my best and when I need to write, at least I know, this place is still here for me.

I ♥ Owl City =)


  • Pass my A-Levels
  • I created a list before, but it seems I did most of it, so, my new list? just basically gonna make more up as I go on in life and accomplish it so long as it makes me happy!
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  • *anything thats shiny..glitter are a fav
  • *popping bubble wrap

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    Saturday, June 27, 2009 @ 10:36 AM
    KevJumba in MJ
    KevJumba took the words right out of me


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    @ 9:50 AM
    Goodbye Michael Jackson

    Michael Joseph Jackson
    (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

    The King of Pop
    is gone, for good.

    i really loved MJ.
    his comeback in July would have been the one to remember.

    why must he die so soon.
    he had so much more to show the world,
    despite the whole molestation rendevous,despite all the surgery he had,
    it still did not change the way i looked at him.

    to me, MJ is THE man
    he was the one who helped change people's views,
    he helped shed away prejudice and racism,
    he brought people to their senses
    and all through his music influence.

    most of his music stressed on saving mankind and nature,
    he never had to use foul language in his music and his dance moves, damn.
    the thriller dance moves were like ones i'd do with my friends randomly anywhere when we hear that song.

    he had invested so much of his time and money to make this world a better place
    all his efforts werent seen as well when he was alive,
    people kept pushing him down,never remembering wat he gave to the world through his music,

    and now that he's dead, everyone wants to remember.
    whats the use of that?
    he's dead already, its too late to play nice now.
    if the media and the horrible people stopped their nonsense, i bet MJ would have felt less pressure on him, and he would not have to turn to drugs, etc.
    everyone was after his money,i figure

    i really wished all this was just a publicity stunt.
    that MJ would arise again.
    i wished he'd appear in his concerts as a surprise while doing the moon walk.
    i wish.

    he really is gonna be missed.
    no one can ever replace him.


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    @ 9:04 AM
    im a chemical reaction
    more pics!!
    im sorrya, cant help myself.
    my webcam just snaps pics of me outta nowhere
    it never stops LOL


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    @ 8:48 AM
    Emo/Scene attempt
    call me a narcissist

    i know i take way too many pics of myself, but, better now than never

    so, i've been trying my hands on an emo/scene hairstyle.
    i've been learning and trying here and there

    i did a few attempts.
    much of it didnt turn out well.
    but here are some pics

    comments on what you think is appreciated

    i did not use any hair spray here, just hair wax

    i teased only half my hair here and hair spray (very minimal usage)

    i found out tying your hair and leaving huge chunks out is also considered scene.

    less teasing, more, push up-ing LOL

    i was up till 4am doing my hair, for fun

    in these, i teased most of my hair but no the top.
    because i have wavy hair, it seems to give me an extra 'poof' on the head.

    im gonna practice and make it better and bigger

    i just love the 'scene' look and like explained before it is not the LALA style
    wanna know what 'scene' styles are?
    Google it.


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    @ 8:11 AM
    Transformers 2
    hello people of the world!

    so yesterday, i went to KLCC to meet up with my college friends
    and college mates

    my college had organized a movie outing,
    they booked one whole movie hall for us to watch
    for freeeeee!!

    the movie left me speechless.
    it is

    better than the first no doubt
    i wanna watch it again

    it was a fun day out
    as usuall with Esvine and Kavy
    it will never be a boring day out
    crazy ass people


    my bro sending me to the train station.

    me and Kitty

    me and Kavy

    me and Esvine

    4 amigos!

    i heart em!

    college is boring without em!

    ok after the KLCC thang.
    i went home.

    got all freshened up again cause...
    i went to Sunway to watch...TRANSFORMERS2 agaaaain!

    this time with my bro, his friends and TIFFANY!!

    so happy to go out with her
    been quite long since we went out.

    she got me a new pencil case and journal from spore
    and i love it

    after the movie
    went to AC

    my bro and his friends are adicted to the football thingy
    and they play really seriously lol

    ok so thats about it.
    that outing, that night...
    was nice

    oh and something happened but im too in shock or wtv to write it down.
    Tiff you know what im saying


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